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FARF tour 2012, I had great time with you guys. You all are heartfelt of your time and money to attend and to donate New York City or BUST at StoneRidge. Fundraising on March 11th itself alone raised $500.

Special thanks E-rich families for letting us to host and to play disc golf for fundraising cause.

I want to praise Steve Minnick's pride, sweaty, invest his time and hard work toward StoneRidge course to be beautiful, challenge, wonderful and successful tournament. Also thank you Steve's committee who helped Steve on StoneRidge 18 holes Project. Thank you friends for borrowing these portable baskets.

Thank you all of these donators, will be posting the logos in YouTube of New York City's StoneRidge.

Last, but not least, thank you scarboro hills $100 donation and Scorpio Disc Golf vendor for coming. Also thank you LoCo Disc Golf for their pleasant spirit with us.

Please consider this 48 hours pending on this result due to some missing scores and/or misspelled names.

New York City or Bust

J.G. 52+55=107
Konrad P. 54+58=112
Dan Becker 56+59=115
Eric B. 58+59=117
Mark Sharky Sherwood 62+59=121
Chad Baker 63+62=125
Geremy Gieryna 61+66=127
Scott Hawks 65+62=127
Matt Ruhlman 64+62=128
Ronald Hoover 67+62=129
Jason Williams 66+64=130
Steve Campbell 67+66=133
Tom Hilton 66+69=135
Brian Fish 70+72=142
Rich Kohlheyer 77 + 76=153
Ced Sanders 78+81=159

One Round Rec Div

Brad Berson 56
E-Rich 63
Bobby Herman 64
Kevin Hall 65
Matt Shaffer 65
Steve Minnick 66
Andrew Gregil 72
RigPun. 73
Scot E Ferris 74
ZaKK. 76
ELI 78
Sean Malone 84
Jeff Gellman 85

I will never forget you guys and glad we met last Sunday.

Thank You