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FARF tour 2012, I had great time with you guys. You all are heartfelt of your time and money to attend and to donate New York City or BUST at StoneRidge. Fundraising on March 11th itself alone raised $500.

Special thanks E-rich families for letting us to host and to play disc golf for fundraising cause.

I want to praise Steve Minnick's pride, sweaty, invest his time and hard work toward StoneRidge course to be beautiful, challenge, wonderful and successful tournament. Also thank you Steve's committee who helped Steve on StoneRidge 18 holes Project. Thank you friends for borrowing these portable baskets.

Thank you all of these donators, will be posting the logos in YouTube of New York City's StoneRidge.

Last, but not least, thank you scarboro hills $100 donation and Scorpio Disc Golf vendor for coming. Also thank you LoCo Disc Golf for their pleasant spirit with us.

Please consider this 48 hours pending on this result due to some missing scores and/or misspelled names.

New York City or Bust

J.G. 52+55=107
Konrad P. 54+58=112
Dan Becker 56+59=115
Eric B. 58+59=117
Mark Sharky Sherwood 62+59=121
Chad Baker 63+62=125
Geremy Gieryna 61+66=127
Scott Hawks 65+62=127
Matt Ruhlman 64+62=128
Ronald Hoover 67+62=129
Jason Williams 66+64=130
Steve Campbell 67+66=133
Tom Hilton 66+69=135
Brian Fish 70+72=142
Rich Kohlheyer 77 + 76=153
Ced Sanders 78+81=159

One Round Rec Div

Brad Berson 56
E-Rich 63
Bobby Herman 64
Kevin Hall 65
Matt Shaffer 65
Steve Minnick 66
Andrew Gregil 72
RigPun. 73
Scot E Ferris 74
ZaKK. 76
ELI 78
Sean Malone 84
Jeff Gellman 85

I will never forget you guys and glad we met last Sunday.

Thank You

Sunday Lunch

Party Deli Tray



Cheese Pizza !!!!!

LoCo Disc Golf

Rasta Fish; "Yup, I am planning on being there - should have a few of my friends from the LoCo (Loudoun County VA) club as well! Looking forward to it."

Re: March 11' 2012 StoneRidge, Middletown MD
by thanxmikey* » Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:38 pm

Id like to make a contribution from the club to your CTP or prizes if you are accepting them.
Will bring the plastic with me.

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Scarboro Hills Disc Golf

Re: March 11' 2012 StoneRidge, Middletown MD
by FARF » Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:01 pm

FYI from Scarboro Hills Disc Golf club, steve Campbell said; "Just finalized my plans. Myself and another club member will be coming up with Zakk. The Club is donating $100, a shirt, and a disc. See ya Sunday"



-Its actually very simple. Instead of turning on coblentz road like your going to the Middletown course. Just go straight into Middletown. When you get to Gladhills Furniture store turn left(veers off to the left). The road will be called walnut street, but turns into Bidle road almost right away. The course is only less then a mile from here. Follow bidle road across the bridge and up what we call bidle hill. Erichs farm starts when you get to the top of the hill on the left.-2915 Bidle Rd Middletown md


The portable toilet has arrived on schedule. It has been placed down near the club house, and is ready to go. Course and entire farm are in a major clean-up mode. All metal has been collected, and all the old wood from the barn and surroundings has been burned. There no longer are piles laying around when you come down the driveway! We next plan to have everything mowed and cleared, so everything looks great. One more work day and we should be ready for anything! We should have baskets for all the holes that have poles, so the full 18 hole course can be played, and it really does play well. I have all the yardages and score cards made up. The entire course right now is coming in over 8,060 feet. Will be playing stone ridge this tuesday, so come out if you can, love to show you the new layout.

March 11, 2012

New York City or BUST

March 11, 2012 Sunday
9am to Sunset

2915 Bidle Road in Middletown, Maryland
$20 per person/family : gift/lunch
No Cash Prize

For Charity:
Maryland School for the Deaf
Class of 2016
New York City Annual Trip

The 8th Grade class of the Maryland School for the Deaf is planning their annual trip to New York City scheduled for May 2012. Among an array of various memorable activities, this three day class trip includes a tour of the United Nations Building, a visit to the State of Liberty and Ellis Island, a visit to the Empire State Building, a tour of St. Patrick Cathedral, a visit to Ground Zero, tickets to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and tickets to the off-broadway production of Blue Man Group. The cost of three-day venture to New York City for each student approximately $650. Transportation, entrance fees, 2 night hotel accommodations, show tickets, and all meals for three days are included in the price.

Parents and students are working to raise funds to help cover the cost of the trip. However, in order to make the trip more affordable to all 8th grade students, additional funds are needed. The Maryland School for the Deaf is accepting monetary donation to help cover the remaining expenses for the trip. the 8th Grade class of the Maryland School for the Deaf has traveled to New York City each year for the past 15 years. With each year the trip continues to be a remarkable life-long learning experience for the students.

Although a $100 donation would be more than generous, any monetary donation is acceptable and appreciated. Donations are tax deductible and receipts will be provided upon request. Please make checks payable to the Maryland school for the Deaf with reference to the MSD 8th Grade NYC Field Trip.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Thank you
David Good
Parent of 8th Grade Student